What is the best carpet for high traffic areas?

What is the best carpet for high traffic areas?

You might think your high-traffic home is no place for a carpet floor covering, but the truth is there are plenty of options that will fit your needs well. Read along with today’s post to find out which carpets are best for this situation and how we can help you find them.

Carpeting can change everything

Choosing a suitable fiber is an integral part of matching the flooring with your high-traffic area. For instance, nylon has always been known as a performance-based fiber, especially for homes with high traffic levels.

However, there are plenty of options that you can choose from, including those with built-in stain and wear protection. Built-in stain protection never wears or washes off, even with multiple professional cleanings, so you can expect the benefit to last as long as the flooring.

Be sure to ask about specific manufacturers and brands that work to give you the best results in your busy home. Some options are renowned for going through harsh circumstances and maintaining their beauty and protection, even in homes with pets and children.

For added protection in areas with lots of traffic, consider adding an area rug or runner, which keeps the activity off the surface of your carpeting ultimately. You can see all your material options in person when you visit our showroom today.

We offer outstanding carpeting for every home

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