How can I be sure of getting durable carpet flooring?

How can I be sure of getting durable carpet flooring?

Today’s carpeting stands up to the heaviest wear. There are kid-and-pet-friendly versions on the market and hypoallergenic and stainable rugs. We can thank technology for that.

Of course, you want a soft surface that looks great and performs well for a long time. These are what you should look at when you visit our carpet store.

Fiber: the foundation of carpet

Although there are acrylics and blends, the five most commonly chosen are wool, nylon, polyester, olefin (polypropylene), and triexta. They each have various levels of durability and stain resistance; get to know the pros and cons of each.

Carpet style–and your lifestyle

Some styles work better for large families, while some require more TLC to keep clean. Describe your needs in detail with your floor covering expert.

Density: one of the best determinants

Weight alone doesn't determine thickness. Look at density. How closely the fibers are tufted together.

You can check it yourself. Pull back a sample card. If you see a lot of white space, you should ask why.

Also, look at labels, however. Every label on the carpeting has a density number up to 5,000; you might want to go to 3,500 or higher for extra strength.

Twist for higher pile rugs

This refers to how many times fiber is twisted per inch. A good twist number is four or above. The higher the twist number, the less chance of unraveling.

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