Can carpet warm a room?

If you’ve searched the carpeting line for very long, you’ve likely heard someone say that carpet “warms” a room, and it’s true that it can do that. However, we’re going to dive into this subject a little deeper so that you better understand what that means in general and for your home as well, so follow along here.

The warmth of carpeting

Carpet can certainly warm a room, even though it has no heat-producing capabilities of its own. What people are referring to when they speak to a carpet’s warmth is its ability to retain heat, which it does very well.

The fiber you choose makes a big difference, some with long, plush fibers and others shorter and more compact. But adding a high-quality underpadding can not only make the surface softer and more comfortable, but it can also enhance the insulating properties and retain even more heat.

You can also warm a room by combining a warm carpet color, such as red, brown, yellow, or orange, to enhance the ambiance in any space. To find out more about adding warmth to a room with carpet, be sure to visit us at your convenience.

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